Tracy Candilore

Pittsfield, MA

"The biggest changes I experienced with this challenge was having so much energy due to eating healthy and cutting alcohol out of my diet, my gymnastics also got so much better! I truly feel the best I have in years! I haven't done muscle ups since the opens and now I can do them again and even string a few together! My favorite part of the program may be the support and togetherness that I can always find in the facebook group"

Jennifer Tuck

Elmvale, Ontario

"If you're ready to work hard and give your body the fuel and fire it deserves, then the Naked Program is for you. I can't say enough about the successes I've seen throughout this program, and the safe and supportive community it provides. The Naked Team have mastered this program, so get ready to work hard and feel great!"


Ashley Brown

Southhaven, MS

I started crossfit this year in the open. Upon researching the sport, I saw a post with DLB and saw this super buff beast, and was like, woah - WHO IS THAT?! Well it was Brooke. Since that day, I've followed and watched her posts. Coming from NPC competing myself, she was relatable but I was so curious as to how she looked so healthy without being depleted. Then came along this program, and I jumped right on board. The program is super affordable and there's legitimately a video guide that goes over every single movement. The Naked Program was difficult, but helped me overcome my confidence issues in the gym. I built strength, mobility, and overall feel great. I want to continue with their training program, as it has definitely helped my drive and commitment to overall fitness and well being!

Johnathon Tran

Phoenix, AZ


The Naked Program (functional version) is a very well designed program with dynamic warm ups, high volume strength training, complementary accessory work, and challenging metcons. In 8 weeks I l went from 195 lb at 15.2% BF to 175 lb at 9.6% BF! I'm in the best shape of my life right now. This program has made me leaner, stronger, and faster. If you follow the program, train with high intensity, and most importantly hit your macros, I have no doubt you can get similar results. Be warned though... This program is not a magic bullet; it requires hard work and discipline to get good results.


Justin Hughbanks

Porterville, CA

“I was hesitant to start the program considering I never did much crossfit prior and I've has issues with my shoulder and back for awhile now. My wife, son and sister were extremely supportive of me and before I new it I was enjoying challenging myself so much the results came before I had the chance to notice. Now I have more energy than I ever have before and feel more confident about myself in and out of the gym.”

Jorge Morales Sanchez

Tarija, Bolivia

Despite being 39, working as a surgeon, taking care of my children, and trying to be a good husband, I was able to see changes while on this program! I gained a lot of strength and my endurance is dramatically better! Thanks Naked Team!